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The report shows that the global clean beauty market scale was $ 6.01 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $11.56 billion by 2027, and it may sprint to a $100 billion market in the next decade.

The report also presents that foreign clean beauty development momentum is significantly better than Chinese. And Chinese consumers have a positive attitude towards clean beauty and demand is strong. Various large groups have flocked to China, and China's "clean beauty" market has great potential......

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The report shows that although the consumers who participated in the study basically have the habit of daily skin care, and another 38.28% of consumers use makeup 1 to 2 times a week, and 22.85% of them wear makeup almost every day, but 70% of the respondents said they "do not know" clean beauty.

Nevertheless, most consumers are concerned about the safety, packaging, and humanitarianism of this concept, and those under 30 are more cared about the natural or "decomposable" ingredient properties of clean beauty. It is worth noting that 90% of respondents said there are ingredients they were concerned about, with preservatives being the most important.