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The report shows that, in 2021, the market share of hydrating and moisturizing cosmetics reached 68%, with an annual growth rate of over 12%, and the retail scale of the Chinese hydration and moisturizing market has exceeded 89 billion yuan (about $13.013 billion). With the increase in the size of the cosmetics market, the market scale of the hydration and moisturizing category is bound to usher in a new quantum.

The report shows that more than 40% of consumers prefer to buy local Chinese hydration products. And the offline hydration production market shows a prosperous scene on the surface, but in essence, competition has intensified and serious homogenization issues. Many new brands choose a large single product strategy, taking into account diversified marketing.

From the research on consumers' recent causes of skin dehydration, dryness and peeling, it is found that 70% are due to weather, and personal work and rest reasons also account for a large proportion, which shows that skin hydration and moisturizing are a long-term care process.

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More than 40% of consumers prefer to buy local Chinese hydration products

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