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Chaileedo Reports

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Factors Discussed

The standard report mainly selects topics such as new markets, new channels, and new categories in the current beauty industry; the customized report mainly focuses on the brand's promotion of hot products, new products, and competitive product research on the track.


Primarily, we use consumer questionnaire surveys and offline CS channel sales data analysis to acquire first-hand statistics; secondarily, we use e-commerce platform sales data, and market popularity and other data to make up the report.

Content and Sections

Industry overview, market popularity, online and offline marketing, consumer demand and purchase behavior analysis, future development trends, etc.

Data Sources

The main sources of out-sourced data are e-commerce marketing data providers such as Feigua and Cicada; public channels such as Baidu, Xiaohongshu, and the NMPA Database; research data from relative analysis companies and authoritative media.


Depending on the theme of the report, the brand analysis focuses on different aspects. Some brands are put together for horizontal and vertical comparison, and some are case studies of a few representative brands. The main dimensions include brand sales, revenue, popular products, new products, marketing strategies, technology research and development, etc.